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Build Your Real Estate Portfolio.

Build Your Life!

Why Preconstructionguide ? 

Because we are here for you.

With our connection with some of the top builders in Canada, we, preconstructionguide are able to provide our valued clients and potential investors the newest and hottest preconstruction investment opportunities in the GTA.


We provide the First Access to Pricing, Floor Plans, Unit(s) availabilty and the Best Incentives. We are dedicated and we want to ensure that our valued clients are educated in the complete purchasing process this includes knowing and understanding the needs, what they have purchased, the deposit structure, closing cost and more.

If you have any questions, we have our team available at all times!


Preconstructionguide, your ultimate guide to all preconstruction projects.



Rishabh Gandhi is a licensed real estate professional at RE/MAX Real Estate Centre and has represented clients in hundreds of real estate transactions in the span of his career.


Completing his Bachelor of Commerce Degree ( B Com ) has helped him to thoroughly analyze investment opportunities and pass this knowledge on to his valued Clients. Looking at the latest trends, exploring different growth areas and using this information has not only helped build his own personal portfolio but has also helped build for his valued clients portfolio.


Rishabh aims at providing his valuable clients with his honest advice, educating his clients on property value and market trends, as well as how to diversify and add value to their investments. He brings his real-world experience to each transaction, demonstrating professionalism, creativity with a client-centered focus. The goal is to provide professional , honest , transparent services to the clients.


No matter how many huddles come in the transaction, the goal stays to help clients in a highly efficient manner so that clients are not panicking at the situation and have someone one their side who can hold their hands. Besides this, Rishabh likes to read spiritual and business books which helps him to stay calm, motivated and positive in all kinds of stressful situations. Business books also helps in remaining updated with the latest trends. Spiritual and Business Books Blend has helped him to stay motivated and provide honest, professional and best service to his valued clients.



We are highly recognized and specifically sought out by developers to lead their platinum sales events as one of the top pre-construction sales teams in the GTA.

Because of our close relationships with developers, we are first in line for our investors.

We ensure that our clients have all of the information they need to make the best decision for them by having extensive knowledge of the real estate market, developers, floor plans, and investments.

Many of our clients find it beneficial to meet prior to the start of a project to answer questions. If you would like to set up an appointment, please contact us directly; we can walk you through the pre-construction process from purchase to closing and look at all options.

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